Are you interested in the benefits of zero waste living for your family? You might be considering going green and adopting zero waste living but stuck on whether it’s even possible for your family, particularly if you have little ones. We know ourselves, from our experience and from talking to other families, that it is possible to live as a zero-waste family. Check out our blog to learn how you can make the change.

Even better, there are lots of benefits for your family that go beyond the obvious environmental ones. Once you understand all the benefits of zero waste living, your choice might be a lot easier to make. To get you started, here are just some of the many benefits of zero waste living for families.

Reduce waste in your home (and in landfill)

This is a big one and it makes a big difference. But it’s not just about reducing your impact on the environment. Having less waste in the house means fewer trips to empty the bin outside. It means there’s less chance of your bin overflowing and leaving a mess for your kids (or pets) to find. It means a cleaner and more organised house for your family, saving you precious time and preserving your energy for more important things.

Save on unnecessary costs 

While you might be worried by the initial cost of setting up your family for green living, over time you save significant amounts of money. Take nappies. It’s estimated that you’ll go through up to 7,000 nappy changes per child before they’re fully toilet trained. If you have 3 kids, that’s 21,000 disposable nappies you need to buy. On the other hand, you can reduce these costs by purchasing 30 modern cloth nappies and using them on all three kids.

Save money with modern cloth nappies

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Learn new skills for life

Making those first small forays into zero waste living, by using modern cloth nappies instead of disposables or swapping cling wrap for reusable beeswax wraps, opens your mind to other possibilities. Being more conscious of the waste you produce gets you thinking about other ways you can reduce or reuse around your home. You may end up recycling furniture, growing vegetables in your garden or developing other skills to support your zero waste life.  

Zero waste for families

Control what comes into your home

It’s hard to identify every single material or chemical used to create disposable household products, which means you can’t possibly know what is being brought into your home or what effect it might have on your family. By going zero waste and switching to eco-friendly reusable products, you know what’s coming into your home and you can be confident that your family is safe from unnecessary toxins, chemicals and other nasties. 

Live slower and enjoy life

Becoming more conscious of your family’s impact on the world can transform the way you live. When you let go of the ‘need’ for quick and easy disposable products, you appreciate the little things more. Life becomes richer because you’re more attuned to your place in it. Small moments of connection become possible because you’re no longer trying to keep up with everyone else. It really is a lovely way to live slower and enjoy life as a family.


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