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We stock a collection of high-quality cloth nappy inserts to provide different levels of absorbency for your little one. Depending on your child’s urine output, you may need to use more than one insert to prevent unexpected leaks. That’s why we offer inserts of varying thicknesses and materials, including bamboo, cotton, microfibre, hemp and microfleece.

Inserts made from natural fibres (like hemp, bamboo, and cotton) are great for night use or daytime naps. Inserts made with microfibre (polyester) are prone to compression leaks which occur when liquid is squeezed out like a sponge and leaks away. To get the best cloth nappy results, try out different combinations of inserts from our range to find the right one for your baby.

Cloth Nappy Accessories

Organic Cotton Prefold/Trifold Insert


Alva Baby Nappies (Pocket style)

Bamboo Fitted Nappy – Alva Baby