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Waterproof PUL Bags

Designed to hold wet and soiled modern cloth nappies, wet bags are sure to be your new best friend. Made from water-resistant PUL material, use them at home in-between washes and out-and-about to safely transport soiled nappies. Choose from a wide range of prints and colours and enjoy easy clean convenience thanks to machine washable materials.

Available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of needs, our smallest bags (mini size) can be used for storing bibs, cloth wipes, breast pads and cloth menstrual pads. They are also a great size for storing snacks for waste-free lunches. Medium double zip bags (not medium snack bags) can store up to 5 wet nappies while our large size wet bag can double as a handy laundry hamper when away.

Please not: excess moisture should be squeezed out of items such as swimwear and cloth wipes prior to placing them in a wet bag to avoid leaks from the zip or seams.