Ease Body Scrub


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Ease Body Scrub 250g

Hints of lavender and citrus essential oils are combined with gentle exfoliating sugar. Rub in circular motions into skin when in the shower, bath or over a vanity. Rinse off and repeat twice weekly.


Rub generously into the skin, allowing the scrub to soak right in and exfoliate. For best results, use 1-2 times a week.


Raw Sugar. Organic Coconut Oil. Lavender Essential Oil. Bergamot Essential Oil. Lemon Balm Herbs. Chamomile Flowers.

+ Sugar || One of the simplest and most natural methods you can exfoliate your skin with is sugar. Sugar produces glycolic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid that helps to exfoliate your skin.

+ Coconut oil || Coconut oil is used in many natural face products and for good reason: it’s naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing. Coconut oil is composed primarily of nourishing fatty acids and is especially high in lauric acid. It also contains vitamin E and healthy fats, which help to make skin smooth.

+ Lavender essential oil || Lavender oil has many uses for treating the skin. It naturally reduces inflammation, lessens pain, and cleans the surface of the skin.

+ Bergamot essential oil || Bergamot has powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties while being able to remove bacteria from our skin and hair. All of those factors just may help you close the door on unwanted acne scars and blemishes.


Sal Remedia products are supplied with a full detail of the ingredients. Please read this carefully to ensure you are not allergic to or have any sensitivity to them. Although our products contain only natural and organic; where possible; ingredients, reactions or sensitivities can still occur. A patch test is recommended 24 hours prior to full use. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.


Store in a cool, dry environment. Keep product away from moisture until use. This product has a shelf life of up to 12 months. The temperature may alter the firmness of product due to nature of oils used. This product is handmade, in small batches, with love and care.



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