Bamboo Insert – Extra Thirsty 6-Layer


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Extra Thirsty 6-Layer Pure Bamboo fibre Insert

Made from the softest bamboo terry fabric. Pure bamboo is incredibly absorbent.


  • Material: pure bamboo
  • Natural fibre bamboo can be placed directly against baby’s skin, or stuffed inside a pocket nappy with a stay dry layer
  • High absorbency
  • Super soft
  • Dimensions approximately 36cm x 14cm
  • Rectangular shape for easy stuffing in pocket nappies
  • Cream colour
  • Green Things brand

Extra Thirsty 6 layer bamboo fibre inserts are super absorbent and there for they will take a little longer to dry. They are very thick (6 layers) so may not be ideal for folding to fit in nappies snapped down to the smallest rise setting.

Wash before first use. See our Product Care section for advice on preparing and washing.

Please remember like all bamboo products, shrinkage will occur after first washes. Also keep in mind that the inserts will reach peak absorbancy after about 8 washes.

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Green Things

Weight 0.08 kg

6 layer Extra Thirsty Bamboo

7 reviews for Bamboo Insert – Extra Thirsty 6-Layer

  1. Kellie

    WOW can I just say- these things are THICK!!!! If your are looking to replace all your microfibre inserts – these are the inserts to do that! BUT if u wanted to boost with these- this together w something is TOO thick and bulky. I’m using them for nighttime boosting coz to wear this boosted during the day will be too thick an u comfortable for a crawling bub. For daytime boosting w MF- get the 4 layer bamboo or 4 layer hemp. This is also the softest out of al my 5 types of inserts – but because they are so soft- it tends to bunch up as I’m holding bubs under his bum. So what I did to make of feel thinner without losing absorbency- I sewed a line an a inch inside the insert all around in an oval shape (just followed the outline of the insert itself) and now they’re better when they come out of the wash- I don’t have to fix them up w my hands anymore (coz they bunch up) and also they don’t bunch when I’m holding bubs. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Kellie

    Me again- I forgot to say- I hung these up with my normal inserts and prepped hemp inserts and i hang them all up using a 52 peg hanger – and they were all sitting out in the hot hot sun for half a day. Took them in – these 6L bamboo inserts weren’t fully dry!!! So I had to take them out by their lonesome and hang them up individually- next time I will put them on the OUtermost pegs of my hanger to touch the sun directly and I will see if they dry- if not I will have to hang them up singly w a peg each. Nothing that can’t be fixed- just something to be aware of. I don’t have or use a dryer but I can assume that it won’t fully dry after the first session- might take 2!

  3. Kim

    Great insert! Very absorbent!

  4. Kimberly houston

    I absolutely love love love these inserts. Before finding them I had stopped using our reusable nappies due to leaks and had struggled to find inserts for my sons xl junior nappies. Since finding these inserts I’ve purchased more reusable nappies! I think we have a total of 47 of these inserts!!! They are super absorbent, easy to clean and make using our reusable nappies so much more enjoyable.

  5. Angela (verified owner)

    If I could give a higher rating, I would! When using on top of a regular 3+2 insert, I get a full 12 hour overnight sleep without any leaking at all. I will be purchasing more of these!

  6. Jenny (verified owner)

    These really are thirsty! They took a few washes to build up absorbancy, probably because of the number of layers. They do take longer to dry, for obvious reasons. I love the softness and flexibility of them. I will likely buy more in winter. Such a great price as well

  7. Phoebe M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these inserts

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