Zero-Waste Eco Gift Guide

Welcome to our zero-waste eco gift guide!

First, a word on zero-waste gifting:

Hands down, the most environmentally friendly option is to not gift at all. If this is not an acceptable option, there are other low, or no-impact gift ideas. 

Choose second-hand items, or experiences where possible. If you need to buy new, go for items you know are needed (rather than just wanted) where possible. That is where our eco gift guide comes in.

Gifts for Babies and Children


Teething toys are the perfect gift for babies from newborn to 12 months. Babies love putting everything in their mouths, and especially love a variety of textures and sensations. Wooden chew toys are a beautiful, sustainable choice, such as our Wooden Bear. Another firm favourite with our own daughters have been the Chew Mittens. Made from food-grade silicone and cotton, they are great for allowing babies to self-soothe sore gums.

Play mats

BJandCo playmats make a beautiful and practical gift for a new baby (or expectant mother). These are handmade in Australia. Features include thick, comfortable padding, waterproof material, stunning prints, roll up for portability and they also feature a handy carry strap. 

Eco crayons

You’ve probably already guessed that we absolutely LOVE supporting Australian-made products. Another favourite gift to give are Eco Crayons. All-natural, hand-poured crayons with vibrant colours and cute shapes. Kids love them, and you can rest easy knowing they are non-toxic, vegan and biodegradeable. 

Silicone tableware

Kids and parents all love our range of silicone tableware. Visually stunning, practical and affordable. Make the transition from milk to solid food a breeze. Our silicone range includes silicone bowls, spoons, cups and bibs which are BPA free and microwave and dishwasher safe. Available in modern colours and styles. 


We also have a stunning range of prints available in our long sleeve PUL smock style bibs. These have many uses beyond covering clothes when eating. They are also fabulous for use during messy play, painting and crafting. Lots of designs available.

Gifts for Grownups

Stainless steel pegs

For the person who has everything, you can’t go past Green Things stainless steel pegs. They have about a million uses, from holding packets closed in the kitchen, to holding piles of paper together in the office, to hanging up kid’s artistic masterpieces, to hanging clothes (or nappies) on the clothesline. The best thing? They will never break, so you won’t need to replace them, and you won’t be adding to landfill. Wondering which grade of stainless steel to choose? 304-grade is suitable if you will be storing pegs inside out of the weather. 316-grade is the perfect choice for seaside-dwellers or lazy folk, like me, who like to leave the pegs on the line 24/7. We have also got big size pegs for people with big hands or difficulty with fine motor tasks. The big pegs are also perfect for hanging extra-large or extra-heavy washing like blankets and denim. NEW: we have also added RAINBOW pegs to our collection. These are 316 grade, and have been heated in a certain way to produce a rainbow colour. They are stunning and sparkly and the perfect way to add flair to your laundry!


Our favourite skincare range for gifting to Mums, Sisters, In-Laws, Teachers, Neighbours, Co-workers, Besties, and everyone in-between is Sal Remedia. I personally use, and love, the Facial Oil Serum, the Ease Body Scrub, and the Vanilla Honey Lip Balm. Sal Remedia products are made in small batches in Australia, using good quality natural ingredients. Highly recommend!

Mason Jar Pouches

Our Mason Jar zip lock pouches are our most affordable gift in the guide, and potentially the most versatile as well. Ranging in size from 150ml to 1litre, they are great for organising the pantry and fridge. They stack well and are portable. We love them for snacks in the handbag and lunchbox and for storing spices and dry goods. 

The Gift of Choice

If you simply can’t decide what to get, a gift card is the perfect gift of choice you know they’ll love. Gift cards can be used on our full range of eco-goodness including cloth nappies and related accessories, and other zero waste products for babies, mamas, and the home. 

I hope you have been inspired by our eco gift guide. Follow along on social media to stay updated on new products and gift ideas.

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